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About Us

Who We Are


MedCity Mafia Roller Derby is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit amateur sports team, otherwise known as Rochester’s favorite roller derby team! We hit big and skate hard, playing an intense, fast-paced,

full-contact sport. Our mission is to build a solid, enduring roller derby team of skilled, passionate, and dedicated women. Our goal is to share our love of the sport through our family-friendly bouts and community involvement, while spreading our team values of clean competition, synergistic teamwork, and being  positive role models—always striving to exemplify high standards and honorable code of conduct as representatives of Rochester and the sport of roller derby.


The Team


MedCity Mafia Roller Derby shatters stereotypes. There isn’t a singular, specific derby type. We are a diverse team of women of all ages, backgrounds, and shapes and sizes. We are professionals, teachers, nurses, artists, naturalists, writers, students, and parents. What we do have in common is our love of derby and our need to skate.


A Way of Life


Roller derby isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. The same explosive energy we expend on the track, we also throw wholeheartedly into all the parts fans don’t see. What many people don’t know, and one thing that makes roller derby so unique, is that roller derby leagues are operated and run completely by the skaters who play it. That means the development  of the team, training, recruitment, securing practice spaces, scheduling and planning bouts, marketing, public relations, and promotion—all of which make up just a tiny fraction of all the work that goes on behind the scenes—are performed by the skaters themselves. And we do it all in addition to our full-time careers, families, and myriad other interests and  hobbies.


Community Involvement


MedCity Mafia Roller Derby works hard both on and off the track. You may see us around town volunteering at community events, like parades, Pridefest, Roller Disco, and Skate City Nights. We’re always looking for ways to give back to the community that gives to us.
















MedCity Mafia Roller Derby is an official WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) member league. WFTDA is the international governing body for roller derby; basically WFTDA is to derby as the NFL is to football. As a full-fledged member league, we play in sanctioned games and compete for rankings. Eventually, our goal is to rise through the  divisions and play in tournaments against some of the best derby teams in the world (literally, roller derby is an international sport)!

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Volunteering at the Scheels 2019 Healthy Human Race

Skating in the 2019 Kasson Festival in the Park parade

2019 Rochester Pride Booth

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