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Big Nose Kate #3


How did you come up with your derby name and/or number? (And what do your teammates call you?)

“Big Nose Kate, was an American outlaw, gambler and longtime companion of Old West gambler and gunfighter Doc Holliday. Tough, stubborn and fearless, she was educated, but chose the life of an outlaw due to the independence it provided her”. In searching for that perfect Derby name, Big Nose Kate was the clear winner for me- especially as my “actual” name is Katie. My team mates call me BIG NOSE.

What made you decide to try roller derby?

My co worker and teammate Hannabal!

How long have you been playing roller derby?

This is my second season.

What's your favorite thing about MedCity Roller Derby?

I have always been a sports oriented, competitive individual. Having played soccer and basketball most of my adolescent life, I was extremely excited to return to a team oriented sport as an adult! Not only have I learned a new skill but I have had the privilege to be a part of an amazing community that truly takes care of one another on and off the track!

What position or role do you have within the league? 

Technically a “vet” skater as this is not my first season but I have so so much to learn!!

What are you most excited about this season?

Rejoining the team after sustaining an ACL tear last year!

Do you have a game day ritual or routine?

Anything to help me stay focused and calm my nerves!

What is your favorite or least favorite drill/skill at practice and why?

Least - 27 and 5 - but I realize how important this one is. Most favorite- pace line or scrimmage!

If you could live or visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Anywhere with abundant trees and water!!!

Which three words would you use to describe yourself?

Competitive, gritty, easy going

Do you have a favorite song that gets you hyped up for games or practice?

It depends on my mood!!

If you had to choose an animal to be, which would you choose and why?

An octopus! They are amazing creatures that can adapt to almost any situation..

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